PRISM Cruises

PRISM Cruises

PRISM Puget Sound cruise time-series: offering student training and data to inform science and planning

Since 1998, PRISM has conducted biannual cruises to ~40 stations within greater Puget Sound. The cruises are designed to collect a synoptic snapshot of the oceanographic conditions in Puget Sound in early summer (June) and winter (December). The intent behind the cruise plan, however, contributes to each of the three PRISM goals: to advance our scientific understanding of Puget Sound, to contribute to education about Puget Sound and afford opportunities for practical training, and to provide input to regional planning.

PRISM cruises have been beneficial for our application of knowledge about Puget Sound towards regional planning decisions. In addition to students, other major participants in the cruises have been staff from regional agencies, especially the Washington State Department of Ecology and King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks. This active participation has fostered both the sharing of data and information as well as assurance that sampling techniques and protocols are in common. PRISM is a member of the Puget Sound Assessment and Monitoring Program, hosted by the (now) Puget Sound Partnership. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like the Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group and the Ocean Inquiry Project have also participated in PRISM cruises, as have Congressional staff, CORE staff, and other decision makers. The contribution that the cruise platform has to offer to each of these group's needs is varied, but easily accommodated by a given cruise voyage. Most significantly, the value of increased awareness and communication of the importance of science and science education cannot be overstated.
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