FT 3: RV Thompson

Thompson Research Vessel Image

Field Trip 3: RV Thompson

An overnight cruise on the UW research vessel Thomas G. Thompson is planned for October 26th, 2010. The tentative schedule is to depart during regular lab hours (12:30) on Tuesday and return early in the morning (6-7 am) on Wednesday.

During this lab we will visit several sampling locations in the Puget Sound that are regularly monitored by PRISM, and collect samples for this ongoing dataset. At each station we will perform CTD casts, collecting data from in situ probes and water samples for further analysis. Dissolved oxygen and chlorophyll measurements will be made, as well as plankton net and secchi disk deployments. During this field trip students will get a quick glimpse into life on an oceanographic research vessel.

Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes and warm clothes! Also, please show up to SAL promptly, as we will be on a tight time schedule.

All students attending must fill out the two waivers in the "content" bar to the right



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