Lab 2: Puget Sound Physical Model

PS Physical Model Image 2

Lab 2: Puget Sound Physical Model

During this lab session we will look at two physical Puget Sound models, built here at the University of Washington. One model displays the basics of estuarine water circulation. The second is a to-scale representation of the Puget Sound basin, which is capable of predicting the movement of water throughout the basin. These types of physical models are the predecessors of more sophisticated computer models that will be explored in future lab exercises.

Circulation in estuaries is affected by temperature and salinity, but these models will show only the effects of salinity. The terrain and bathymetry of the models are greatly exaggerated in the vertical dimension to help visualize currents.

Meet at the Spatial Analysis Lab, as usual, and we will walk to the model after a brief introduction. The goal of this lab is to learn the basics of estuarine circulation, and apply this to the Puget Sound estuary.

The following links provide some background info:

Puget Sound Model description

Further backround can be found in the document in the "content" section to the right